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Rock Gardens

Rock Gardens

Rock Garden Experts

Since 2010, Earth and Turf Landscaping has been providing landscaping services across the Edmonton area. We take pride in our experience and our dedication to creating quality additions to outdoor spaces. Many of our clients have chosen us when they decided to have a rock garden placed in their landscapes, and we have gladly built up invaluable knowledge when it comes to the design and structure of these fixtures.

Zen Garden or Rock Garden: What’s the Difference?

Rock Gardens incorporate stunning rock placements that normally include alpine plants. Zen gardens and rock gardens do share similarities including the use of a water feature and using alpine-based plants in their design. However, while zen gardens create a sense of calm and tranquillity, rock gardens are more intricate and act as artful statement pieces. Zen gardens will be set in one spot where you can rest or meditate, while rock gardens can feature a stepping-stone path around or through them. For these reasons, rock gardens are an increasingly popular choice.

Earth and Turf Landscaping can help you design a rock garden that will be a beautiful focal point of your outdoor space.

What Goes into a Rock Garden?

  • Perennials
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Small shrubs
  • Alpine Trees
  • Stepping stones
  • Water feature


Creating Rock Gardens That Suit Your Space

Outdoor living spaces are places where your lifestyle and activities play a huge part in the design. Choosing to add a rock garden creates depth and dimension to large backyards and compliments small outdoor spaces. They can be filled with an assortment of plants or they can stand alone with a few additions to create a focal point in an outdoor space. Whichever you want to be added will be an extension of your home, so you want to consider how you can have the best environment to enjoy with family and friends. Our professional staff can easily tackle your lawn and garden challenges, no matter how big or small. In the hands of Earth and Turf Landscaping, challenges can become opportunities for creativity and appealing projects.

Let us help you create the rock garden of your dreams.

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