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The Perfect Paving Stone

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock usually made of sandstone bound together by minerals such as silica, calcite, or iron ore. Flagstone, thanks to its properties is an extremely durable material that can last for years. The flat surface is perfect as a paving stone, making it a popular choice when constructing pathways, patios, and walls. Flagstone can be cut and shaped into a variety of designs, creating individualistic patterns for yards and gardens. Because of the way this material is made, flagstones must be laid one at a time. This makes installing flagstone a time-consuming project that many do not have the time for. Due to this, homeowners and commercial venues will often trust a professional landscaping company to complete the job.

In Edmonton, Earth and Turf Landscaping has the expertise to place flagstone for any residential and commercial landscaping project. Our company assists clients throughout the project, from choosing materials to constructing their pathway, patio, or wall. With our team of certified and experienced landscaping contractors, we ensure that quality materials are used, along with the right tools and knowledge to properly install it. For these reasons, we are one of Edmonton’s most trusted landscaping companies. We are qualified and capable of laying flagstones for residents and commercial venues across the Edmonton area.

A Durable, Versatile, and Unique Touch

Flagstones are both versatile and durable. The stones can be selected based on what sort of thickness, texture, and level of permeability is wanted or needed for a project. Because of this, some flagstones will be better for walkways than patios. Regardless, for any project flagstone provides a unique touch to outdoor areas. Another benefit to flagstones is that when dry, depending on the texture selected, flagstones provide a rougher surface that minimizes tripping or slips. Quality flagstone can last for years while remaining vivid and wear-free, making it cost-effective for upkeep. It adds curb value to homes, making them attractive to any potential buyers or renters.

Get Experts to Lay Flagstones For You

If interested in having flagstones added to your yard, it’s best to choose a reputable and local landscaping company that will have the knowledge to expertly consult on which is best to use for a patio, a wall, or a pathway. As well, choose a company that can source quality flagstones and place them properly. Earth and Turf Landscaping is a top choice when it comes to creating flagstone walls, patios, pathways and walkways as we have the tools and skillset required. We will make sure that constructing a flagstone design is done right the first time.

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