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Rock and Zen Garden Experts

Earth and Turf Landscaping have experience in all kinds of landscaping services. We have been providing landscaping services in the Edmonton area since 2010, and take pride in the quality results that exceed our customer’s expectations. Over the years, many of our clients have traded in their high-maintenance plantings and opted for easy-care Rock and Zen garden designs. Our expert team recognized this need and have gained invaluable experience in this type of garden design.

Rock and Zen gardens incorporate stunning rock placements that include materials such as sand, gravel, and a selection of foliage and shrubs. Earth and Turf Landscaping can help you through the challenges of beautiful design to create the story of your garden.

What goes into a zen garden?

  • Rocks and sand
  • Moss
  • Small bridge
  • Colorful plants and flowers
  • Water feature


Rock Gardens That Compliment Your Life

Your outdoor living space is a place where your lifestyle and activities play a huge part in the design. This outdoor space is an extension of your home and daily lives – you want to consider how you can have the most optimal environment to enjoy with your family and friends. In the hands of our professional staff, your lawn and garden challenges, no matter how big or small, can become opportunities for creativity and appealing projects.

Let us help you achieve the Rock and Zen gardens of your dreams.

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