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Stone Walls

Stone Walls

Choose Stone Walls For Your Landscape

Walls are an integral part of any outdoor space. They provide privacy, lining yards and gardens while setting the atmosphere. Stone walls are a popular choice for both commercial venues and homeowners. They give yards and gardens both shape and balance, provide focal points for sections, and can be the finishing touch when landscaping. They have a variety of choices for colour and texture and are easy to maintain.

Installing stone walls is best done by local professionals that can properly design and construct them. Earth and Turf Landscaping employs expert workers who have the skill to assemble stone walls and the expertise to do so correctly. We take pride in assisting our clients in designing a stone wall and creating a finished product for them on time. These qualities have earned us our reputation as one of Edmonton’s most trusted landscaping companies.

Versatility and Creativity for Outdoor Spaces

Stone Walls can be built ‘wet’ (with concrete) or ‘dry’ (without any concrete while using gravity and friction to hold the stones together). There are two main types of stone walls that can be constructed: retaining and freestanding. Retaining walls are designed to hold soil in place, using their mass to keep the soil behind them in. Freestanding walls are designed to not hold any soil and stand on their own, acting as an attractive barrier or trim. Whichever type you want to be constructed, a stone wall allows for many creative options for landscaping. These options include layers to stack plants for a stunning visual effect or an attractive corral to help keep an eye on children and pets while outside.

Experts in Edmonton for Building Stone Walls

When considering adding a stone wall to your home, it’s important to have a professional company consult with you and construct it. Earth and Turf Landscaping can help you determine which kind of wall will be best suited for your outdoor space. When constructing it, we choose quality material so it remains wear-free and resistant to exposure and wear. By employing experienced local professionals, your stone wall will remain an attractive fixture of your landscaping.

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