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Quality Driveways in Edmonton

Dealing with a driveway that’s seen better days? Thousands of people in the Edmonton area deal with driveways that are cracked, chipped, worn down to the aggregate, or stained from years of vehicles and harsh Alberta winters. A damaged driveway can cost you in the long run, damaging vehicles and reducing the property value of your home. For convenience’s sake, trust Earth and Turf to restore your driveway, sparing you the inconvenience and your wallet the cost of doing it yourself. We love what we do – including renovating driveways! We have the equipment and manpower to get the job done right, and right away, the first time.

Whether your driveway needs to be replaced or just restored, we have a solution for you.

Why Choose Us for Your Driveway Restoration or Replacement

Earth and Turf Landscaping is the best choice for driveway restoration, at the best price. You can rely on us for quality service and jaw-dropping results. Homeowners and business owners who trust us to install or repair their driveway are involved from start to finish. Earth and Turf will make sure that your driveway is a new, safe, smooth surface for your vehicles, ready to tackle Edmonton’s heavy winters and bad weather for years to come.

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