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Decorative Curbing

Decorative Curbing

Decorative curbing is a continuous decorative addition to landscapes. This is one of the most popular options when it comes to giving outdoor living spaces the perfect finishing touch. It is the only permanent edging that is both highly attractive and cost-effective. It is also versatile enough to be shaped to complement front yards or backyards, as well as match any current hardscapes on the property.

A Hassle-Free Way to Maintain Your Property

By adding decorative curbing to your property, you can reduce yard maintenance while adding curb appeal as it gives your landscaping a finished look. That’s because curbing can help
contain mulch, rock and grass out of unwanted areas. This helps make your yard always look tidy. The ability to shape the design of decorative curbing is almost limitless, allowing for many possibilities to be installed. Decorative curbing, thanks to these qualities, helps to add value to your home.

Expert Design and Knowledge

At Earth and Turf Landscaping, we are here to help you design and create decorative curbing for your outdoor space. We have been in operation since 2010, with over ten years of experience when it comes to adding decorative curbs to properties across the Edmonton area. Our team is committed to ensuring that we listen to your ideas, find ways to implement them and expertly design a quality installation that you’ll adore. We specialize in completing transformations of residential and commercial properties, so we have the right eye and years of knowledge to create decorative curbing that perfectly fits your outdoor living space. We can install landscape curbing around trees, flowerbeds, sidewalks and just about anywhere you like.

If you have a yard that would benefit from adding decorative curbing, we’ll be happy to help transform your idea into a finished product.

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