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Low Voltage Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting

A Top Choice for Installing Low Voltage Lighting

At Earth and Turf Landscaping, we are one of Edmonton’s top choices when installing low voltage lighting. Our expert team has been working on residential and commercial outdoor spaces since 2010, making us experts when it comes to installing outdoor lighting systems across the area. With over ten years of experience, we can help select, map out, and install low-voltage lights for your landscape. We are your experts in outdoor lighting designs – we can provide you with energy-efficient, long-lasting, and beautiful lighting features that have a low impact on both the environment and your budget.


Why Choose Low Voltage?

  • Safer for yards with pets or children
  • Less disruptive to install
  • More choices for bulbs, wattages, and designs
  • Improves safety and security
  • Uses less energy than other outdoor lighting fixtures


A Better Way to Light Your Outdoors

When it comes to installing low voltage lights, Earth and Turf Landscaping is one of Edmonton’s most trusted landscaping companies. From design concepts to revealing the result, we take pride in assisting our clients from creating a design to completing the construction. Earth and Turf Landscaping’s commitment is to provide landscaping services to our Edmonton clients that make their outdoor space both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Choosing us to install lighting for your decks, paths, patios and pools is choosing a local company with the tools and knowledge to get it done right.

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