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Why Winter Sanding is Important for Your Business

The winter season brings with it a unique set of challenges for businesses in Alberta. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can make navigating your business grounds difficult to traverse and even dangerous.

Fortunately, winter sanding services can help protect your business from these winter weather perils by keeping the ground safe and navigable throughout the entire season. Earth and Turf Landscaping has the exact services that you need—keep reading to learn more.

What Is Winter Sanding?

Winter sanding is a process that helps keep surfaces, like parking lots, safe during the winter season. It works by applying a mixture of sand and salt to the area in question to create traction on icy surfaces. This mixture helps provide stability and reduces slippage.

Benefits of Winter Sanding Services

The benefits of winter sanding are numerous. For example, it helps keep your business grounds free from ice or snow-related hazards like slipping or sliding which can result in serious injury to customers or employees travelling through your business grounds.

Additionally, winter sanding services are beneficial because they lessen wear and tear on vehicles that travel through the area, greatly reducing repair costs associated with vehicle damage caused by icy surfaces.

Finally, regular application of winter sanding mixtures can help reduce overall maintenance costs associated with keeping your business grounds safe during the colder months as it eliminates the need for manual shovelling or plowing of snow and ice throughout the season.

When Should You Use a Winter Sanding Service?

Winter sanding services are most effective when used regularly throughout the coldest parts of winter when snowfall is frequent or when temperatures dip below freezing overnight.

However, some businesses may find that they need more frequent applications if their grounds receive heavy traffic from customers or employees during those times when temperatures drop below freezing overnight or if there is an increase in unexpected snowfall due to storms or other conditions. In any case, regular application of winter sanding mixtures ensures that your company’s premises remain safe no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!  

Let’s Review

Winter weather presents unique challenges for businesses located in Alberta, but these challenges don’t have to be daunting thanks to services like winter sanding. Regular application of a combination of salt and sand creates traction on slick surfaces while also protecting vehicles from damage due to icy roadways. By utilizing a professional service such as Earth and Turf for their winter sanding needs, businesses can rest assured knowing that their premises will remain safe all season long! So don’t wait—contact Earth and Turf today to get started with protecting your business from this year’s unpredictable weather patterns!

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