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How to Choose the Best Snow Removal Company

Choosing a snow removal company is not a decision that should be made on a whim! This requires a careful approach to make sure you get the best quality service for the best value.

We have 3 tips for choosing the perfect snow removal company for the job.

#1 Complete a Price Comparison

Not all snow removal companies will require the same amount of payment, but you should make sure that a company isn’t trying to charge you outlandish fees. Do your homework by requesting quotes from at least three snow removal companies.

To get an accurate quote, you’ll need to provide a snow removal company with detailed information about the area that will need to be plowed. Let them know:

  • The exact square footage of the space.
  • How often you will need the snow removal services.
  • What the area includes. For example, the parking lot and sidewalks.
  • If you want the area removed from snow, ice, or both.

Make sure you diligently examine the quote and services offered. Some companies are limited in what they can offer and when they can offer it. For example, in the City of Edmonton, you’re required to have sidewalks cleared within 48 hours of a snowfall. If a company’s contract is every 72 hours, that won’t do you much good.



#2 Contact Companies Quickly

Many property managers or business owners will wait until a major snowfall to get in touch with a snow removal company… We do not recommend this approach. Start gathering your quotes well ahead of wintertime or as soon as the idea comes to mind.

You want to have the time to negotiate with a snow removal company and settle on the terms of your contract. The snow removal company will be able to help you figure out exactly what you need.

#3 Make Sure It’s Legit & Check Out the Reviews

There are tons of “snow removal” companies that don’t meet the promises they advertise. They take advantage of business owners by billing extra hours, completing shoddy work, and not showing up when they promised. Don’t fall victim to this trap.

Before hiring a contractor, make sure they are properly insured and licensed. Insurance is extremely important in this line of work. You want to make sure everyone is safe in case of accidents or damage to property. Additionally, a license guarantees you’re working with a pro.

Go the extra mile by doing a quick Google search to see what kind of comments people are leaving. One or two bad reviews aren’t always a sign that a company isn’t performing well, but you’ll be able to pick out any red flags if there are excessive negative reviews with similar complaints.

Guess what? Earth and Turf Landscaping has a 5-star Google rating and a Best in Edmonton badge. We’re also a proud member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association! We are the real deal. Learn more here.

Trust Earth and Turf Landscaping to get the job done right!

Ask for your quote so we can get started on your snow removal needs.