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3 Options for Commercial Snow Removal

Every winter, business owners in the Edmonton area struggle with managing the build-up of snow that accumulates on sidewalks and in parking lots. As a commercial snow removal company, Earth and Turf will make sure we have a well-thought-out game plan for where we’ll put all that powder and ice after every snowfall.

We’ll work with you, the business owner, to decide the best course of action. Generally, you have three options:

  1. Parking Lot Push and Pile
  2. Offsite Haul Away
  3. A combination of both

#1 Parking Lot Push and Pile

The “Parking Lot Push and Pile” option means that we will designate specific zones on your property to pile the snow. Many clients will use the outer edges of their parking lots to create a consistent bank of snow, but some will use entire stalls as the designated area. 

Safety is always our main area of focus. These mounds of snow will be strategically “built,” so that they have a solid foundation and will not be at risk of collapsing. We will never create a dangerous mountain in your parking lot, so you won’t lose sleep over whether someone might get hurt.

However, there are drawbacks to the Parking Lot Push and Pile. Depending on the placement of the heap, it may be hard for drivers to get around your parking lot! We’ll work to find the best placement in the space you have.

 You must also consider whether designating a few parking stalls will cost you business. If your parking lot has limited space or is usually at max capacity, we recommend you consider our “Offsite Haul Away” service.

#2 Offsite Haul Away

Imagine making the commute to work in a flurry of snow, but once you arrive at your destination, it’s like it never happened. The Offsite Haul Away option means we’ll load up the snow and take it somewhere far, far away from your business.

The benefits of Offsite Haul Away are that you’ll be able to keep complete functional use of your parking lot, which is good for business. This will also keep your parking lot easier to navigate for customers, reducing the chances of a collision.

#3 A Combination of Both

Sometimes a combination of both these services is the right option for a business. During regular snowfalls throughout the winter, the push and pile method is a great solution. You’ll be able to continually add to the mound of snow without it getting out of hand. However, during those big dumps of snow, when the roads are treacherous, you may want to consider a one-time haul-away service.

Whatever your needs, we’ll work together to find the best solution.

Get your quote from Earth and Turf Landscaping! We’ll help you with your snow removal.