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How to Attract Bees to Your Garden

Bees help nourish habitats for plants and animals, while being one of the major forces behind human agriculture. Despite this, you may still question why you want bees in your garden and get worried over their nasty stings. By attracting bees to your garden, you can ensure your flowers and the surrounding environment remain prosperous.

Below are some tips on how to attract bees to your garden.

Create Colourful Groups of Flowers in Your Garden

Bees have tremendous coloured vision. By planting colourful flowers in your garden separated by a few inches, you increase the chances of a bee seeing your garden and deciding to come and pollinate there.

Here are a few pieces of advice:

  1. Use flowers of different shapes and sizes in your garden.
  2. Make sure that wherever you plant your flowers is in a place that is safe for bees (avoid under rain gutters).
  3. Make flower and plant selections that reach maturity at different times. This will give bees a source of pollen all year round.
  4. Native plants are best for attracting bees to your area. We recommend plants like perennials, anemones, and pearl yarrow. They’re bright and colourful with enough surface area for bees.

PRO TIP: Plant sunflowers! They are tall and vivid, providing a beacon for bees to come to visit. If you are going to plant sunflowers, plant them between May and June.

Avoid Chemical Pesticides and Herbicides

Chemical pesticides kill unwanted bugs, but they also kill pollinators. Herbicides can also be toxic for bees and should be avoided. We know, you probably have a vision for your garden that will need the help of some of these chemical solutions. However, we encourage you to challenge yourself by using natural solutions. For example, if you have a slug problem try scattering salt.

Also, try to embrace the appearance of weeds. They are a great source of nectar for bees, and when managed properly they can add some beauty to your landscape.


Bees are more critical to the long-term survival of our species than most of us realize. On top of ensuring we can all eat, they are part of the foundation of a beautiful garden and yard. Whether you have a garden or not, your landscape will be healthier for them being there. By planting colourful plants in small clusters and avoiding the use of chemical pesticides, your garden will no doubt become a regular stop for our black and yellow friends.

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