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5 Ways To Improve Curb Appeal This Winter

A large, modern style home is snow covered and brightly lit.

We typically think about lawn care and landscaping during the warm summer months. However, a well-kept winter landscape can make your property shine during the holiday months. When it comes to our home’s curb appeal, winter weather is not always conducive to a pretty curb view. We go from pumpkins and skeleton statues to Christmas lights and festive wreaths to months of decor hibernation. Thankfully a bit of planning and a few hours of work is all it takes to create an eye-catching exterior that can withstand the frigid days of winter. We have a few ideas to help you spruce up your home exterior this winter. 

Paint Your Front Door

Winter is the perfect time to paint your front door! A fresh coat of paint or an eye-catching colour is sure to pop against the white snowy backdrop. 

Update Your House Numbers

Little details matter too! Updating the littlest things can really go a long way in giving your home a new curb appeal. For instance, a new set of house numbers is an easy, low-budget change people will notice! 

Give Your Mailbox a Makeover

Winter is the perfect time to take on this quick and easy painting project: Give your mailbox a makeover with a fresh coat of brightly colored paint. For a unique and unexpected detail, try adding a design to the inside of your mailbox using wallpaper. Your letter carrier will smile, and the design gives a pop of color whenever the box is opened.

Choose Plants With Berries

Many trees and shrubs have berries they hold onto during fall and winter, and those can provide food for birds overwintering in your area. A pop of red against greenery is sure to make a festive impression on passerby’s. 

Spruce Up Your Porch with Seating

Welcome guests in with comfortable furniture on the porch that beckons visitors to pull up a chair and stay awhile. Even a small chair or a side table on your porch can serve as a resting station between outside and inside and boost your curb appeal. 

An attractive view from the street can help sell your home and extend your property values as well as the neighborhood’s value. Curb appeal can be important to all homeowners, not just the ones looking to sell their homes.