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6 Tips for Dealing With Snowfall This Winter

Dealing With Snowfall This Winter

Snow in October? We’ve heard of crazier things! While Edmonton may not be experiencing snowfall quite yet, we all know it’s coming. So rather than be stuck on how to handle the impending winter season, let’s get prepared.

We’ve come up with 6 tips for extreme snowfall and cold weather in Edmonton. 

  1. Winter weather and snowfall totals can be unpredictable. As a home or business owner, it is always your responsibility to keep abreast of incoming inclement weather during the winter season so that you can be properly prepared. Don’t wait until a winter storm is upon you to get the necessary snow and ice removal supplies. By that time, most of the items you need will be sold out. Purchase items such as salt, shovels and snow blowers well ahead of time so that they are readily available for usage when a snow or ice storm arrives. Preparation is key to preventing winter weather-related accidents
  2. Relax and stay at home until the winter storm is over. Your four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle is not as safe as you think. Take a break and stay home until the roads are cleared. Have an enjoyable snow day off as you did as a kid. Dress warm and stay alert if you are going out in the storm.
  3. Get those winter tires on early! It can be extremely difficult to get a spot at your local tire shop when the first sign of snowfall hits. Book in early to save time and rest assured you will be safe to drive on the icy Edmonton roads. 
  4. When it comes to shovelling, only remove as much snow as you’re comfortable with lifting. Back injuries and falls are common this time of year, so it’s best to only take on what you can handle. We recommend shovelling several times, even when snow is still falling so that the snow doesn’t bond to surfaces like your driveway, sidewalks, or deck.
  5. Shovel frequently. It’s a lot easier to shovel 2 inches rather than 5, so stay on top of snowfall to prevent pile-ups and back injuries from lifting.
  6. Stay off your lawn in the winter! Avoid making walking paths on your lawn since over time walking on snow and ice will damage or kill the dormant lawn.


Not only does Earth and Turf provide exceptional landscaping services during the summer, but we also specialize in snow removal during the winter. We provide a range of snow removal services. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can make your property snow-free!