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How To Spice Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Cushioned patio furniture and potted plants sit on a modern wooden patio.

Is summer the only season when we can have fun or is winter the time of year to stay only indoors? Seasons are meant to be celebrated. And in times when life is mostly limited to personal space, wouldn’t it be nice to spice up the opportunities of recreation we have and make things worthwhile. Build yourself an indoors-outdoor living space; since easier said than done, here are some tips and trends to perk up your outdoor space.

Comfortable Furniture and Accessories 

Keep it cozy and comfortable, use furniture that gives you a homely feel, including throws, pillows, and blankets. Use items with colours of your choice and build a theme. Temperature-regulated spaces provide leisure space throughout the year. You could have a fire pit if the space is open, or a fireplace. Use durable and weather-resistant furniture, for example; in sunrooms, use materials that could endure sun exposure in large amounts, while aluminum is a preferred material for its anti-slip, anti-rust, and weather-resistance properties. If you enjoy cooking, you could add a small outdoor kitchen or a grill, for outdoor cooking and dining gatherings.

Lighting Options

Have enough lighting for nighttime illumination, such as solar and LED spotlights, string lights, and walkway markers. Add activity elements, such as a projector screen for a movie night, board and card games, or a big screen for videogames, or if it’s a closed setup, you could even have a hot tub for a toasty evening.

Add Greenery to Your Outdoor Aesthetic

For a plant lover, outdoor space is an excellent opportunity for growing all sorts of plants, edible and aesthetical. A water piece, such as a fountain or a fishpond, gives a relaxing and restorative effect. Lawn umbrellas and treetops can give the required shading.

Keep Your Outdoor Living Space Bug Free

Avoid cluttering and maintain cleanliness to prevent insect and pest attraction. Don’t forget to keep enough bug repellants in case of an open setup, or a retractable mesh screen.


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