How to Protect your Lawn from Pests in Summer 


Summer is the time when most insects come out and invade your living space. The ideal place for many pests to thrive in your lawn. Pests that feed on green stuff like grubs, ticks, bagworms, cutworms, chinch bugs, and beetles will always haunt your lawn and then your living space until and unless you get rid of them.

Even mosquitoes use plants as their primary food source, although blood is an important vitamin for females if they are to reproduce successfully. Fleas and ticks are also prone to infecting unkempt lawns and even following you indoors with your shoes – their eggs get stuck to them and can thrive on wooden floors. No Thanks!

Tips to Keeping Keep Your Lawn Pest Free

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning is key to preventing pest growth in a lawn. There are insects like mosquitoes that thrive in small puddles of water formed in your lawn, and others that take advantage of accumulating debris and growing weed. When you clean your lawn, you can use a pressure washer to blow out debris and dirt.

Proper Mowing

If you regularly mow your lawn it’s smart to keep the grass 3 inches or less in length! Most insects won’t be able to take shelter in it, so will move on to longer pastures. The blazing sun prevents them from being able to dwell in short, neatly mown grass.

Drain Any Puddles of Water

Another important thing to do is to drain out any puddles of water and keep your lawn free of small habitats full of insects. Regular cleaning prevents the growth of most pests that commonly invade lawns.

Pesticides and Bio-repellant Plants

You can use different bio-friendly pesticides for your lawn. There is a huge selection on the market that are safe for pets and family. However, a better solution is to research and grow plants that repel certain types of pests and insects. An example is mosquitoes which avoid lavender plants.


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