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Creating Privacy in Your Backyard on a Budget


Since we are expected to be spending some more time in limited premises due to Covid 19, why not prepare a private place in the backyard to spend your summer freely and lavishly?

Fencing is like the ultimate barrier to your yard and privacy. Instead of using the wooden ones, grow your own hedge fencing. Though it will take some time and maintenance, you could start now to have an effective hedge by summer. For a more contemporary look, you could use industrial corrugated metal sheets to make the walls.

An economically practical idea is to build a simple quiet corner in your big yard lot. Place small trees and shrubs for the border around a set of simple patio furniture, and voila! You now have a private lounging area.

There are multiple options for creating screens other than shrubs and trees. Use an outdoor privacy screen that allows the wind and sunlight to pass through. You can bring together pillars and rods, to make a hanging planter wall with individual planters or wall creepers. A similar effect can be made using a trellis, or even column-mounted heavy-duty wire mesh to form a closely-knit living and growing wall. Yet another way would be to go old-fashioned with fabric or bead curtains.

Some yards have enough area to build a multi-level beautiful boundary wall around it. It gives the yard quite an elegant style with plants and foliage on different levels. Cover the floor using succulents and moss in between plants and shrubs, use birdbaths as centrepieces, or even make a DIY waterfall or fountain in the mid-levels for a scenic feel.

All it takes is some imagination and a little creativity.

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