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Landscaping: 101


Your property ground other than the house is your landscape; whatever improves its visual or practical aspect comes under landscaping.

It includes hardscape, the non-living components like walkways and the cornerstones- and the softscape, the living elements like flowers and shrubs.

The structure (the house) and the landscaping should be in harmony to give an aesthetic appeal and functional balance to the setup. The components include the materials for driveway and fences, the plants for hedging and potting, the colour theme, outdoor lighting, water features, rock centrepieces, and glass elements, (and that’s not even the end it) together should make the whole picture look balanced and unified.

Fun Fact: The earliest landscaping dates back to the geometric design patterns made by the ancient Greeks, but it wasn’t considered a proper turf till the 1800s.

Do your homework, explore designs and nurseries, and observe what other people have done before you set your foot in the ground. Great landscaping may take a while to built and cost some serious sterling, but once it’s done, it not only increases the value of the property, it will also be a pleasure for your eyes. Set your priorities and choose the look that you can accomplish and maintain with your budget and lifestyle. You could consult landscaping designers and real estate agents for the latest trends and effective designs.

Fun fact: You can make landscape designs using advanced software, such as SmartDraw, VizTerra, iScape, HomeDesignerSoftware.

An impressive landscape looks appealing year-round, with plants for every season and perennials. While there are a lot of components to it, it should be low maintenance and functional, for instance, easy lawn mowing and snow removal.

Landscaping companies like Earth and Turf provide you with all the services to make a remarkable landscape but for them to work, you ought to know what you need.

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