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10 Top Landscaping Tips and Tricks


Landscaping doesn’t need to cost you a foot and an arm. Better yet, keeping an eye out for these simple tips and secrets (known only to the landscaping experts) could save you funds for a rainy day and more.

  • Not all plants need excess sunlight in winter; for instance, peonies need cooler weather to progress, and shrubs can get a sunburn. Similarly, not all plants need watering daily. Research your plants before you over/or under-treat them and lose their worth.
  • Plants that are drought-resistant, easy-to-grow, and self-propagating are relatively easier on the pocket and the muscles.
  • Putting plants at levels instead of just the ground plane, and I mean having height variations in plants or placing small plants on steps, gives a captivating appearance.
  • Cutting the grass really shorter doesn’t work well with the grass; it just needs more care and repair to grow back. Mowing strips and mulching mowers save the time and effort you put into the whole mowing process.
  • The tree in the middle of the lawn can be protected by mulch while mowing and weed whacking, but only when the mulch is about a couple of inches thick. Building up volcano-sized mulch around trees causes more damage than benefit.
  • Rather than having none or too many weeds in the lawn, having some weeds, such as wild violet and clover, is beneficial. If you prefer no-weed grass, then opting for a smaller lawn or no lawn can save you a lot of time, money, and labour.
  • Like the fact that no two humans are alike, trees are also different; even if provided the same conditions and nutrition, two trees of the same variety can show unalike growth, proliferation, and procreation.
  • When it comes to landscape designing, prefer curves to straight lines. The curved lines are more likely to survive any minor imprecisions.
  • Water features, such as a fishpond or a fountain, could be a DIY-project; these may look like rocket science, yet it only takes some effort and saves you rainy day funds.
  • Centrepieces and hardscape are expensive but appealing! Prioritize what you need and what you have to make your landscape pretty without overdoing it.

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