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How to Know You Have Chosen the Best Snow Removal Company

Chose the best Company for Snow Removal

Winter might feel like it’s coming to a close and that it’s been one of kindest winters Edmonton has seen. However, as January wraps up, it’s the perfect time to evaluate how your snow removal company is doing. Here are 5 ways to know if you hired the best snow removal company this year by asking these questions:

  1. Did your snow removal company communicate with through the contract? 
    You should expect frequent and clear communications from your snow management company so you know exactly what is happening on your property. As a business owner, you should never be wondering if your snow plow company has been on your site or not yet.

  2. Did your snow removal company have the equipment needed to stay ahead of the storm? 
    It’s one thing to own a few snow plows, but true snow removal professionals have equipment to pre-treat parking lots with liquid deicer, they have front end loaders and dump trucks to relocate snow piles when needed and they have extra wide snow pushers for covering large surface areas in a snap.

  3. Was the snow removed efficiently as promised?
    Did your snow removal company proactively treat your property before the first flake of snow even hit the ground? Snow removal companies that wait for at least 3 inches of snow to fall before ever coming to your property are putting you at risk for costly ice related incidents.

  4. Did your contract cover every detail of your services without surprises? 
    Professional snow removal is nothing to take lightly – make sure your business receives the risk management services provided by the best snow removal contractors. Your snow removal contract should have been complete and not hastily thrown together.

Lastly, how likely are you to recommend your snow removal company to others?

When looking for a snow removal company for commercial areas, Earth and Turf offers the best service for the best price. Finding the most reliable company to clear your snow this winter is essential to keep your employees and customers safe! By taking care of the snow removal in your commercial area, you are showing your customers you care and are ready to serve them! For more information on how to take care of your property during the cold winter months, click here