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Hiring Commercial Snow Removal Services to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Hiring Commercial Snow Removal Services to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Edmonton winters last a long time and often come with piles and piles of snow. During Christmas, snow can look nostalgic and is often welcomed. However, once February/March hits, snow is less special and often dirty or unsightly on a commercial property.

In addition to snow causing aesthetic problems, there are some financial and safety concerns that a lot of snow can cause. It’s important to not only handle snow on your property but to handle it professionally.

Here are a few reasons why your business should hire a commercial snow removal company in Edmonton to take care of any and all unwanted heavy snow on your property.

  • Prevent injuries on your property — Did you know that approximately 60,000 Canadians are hurt each year from trips or falls in the work place? Whether it’s a customer who slips and falls on your snowy parking lot or an employee who was injured after spending a lot of energy shoveling snow, you will likely have to shell out a significant amount of money on legal and medical costs.
  • Keep your commercial property looking sleek — A snow-covered parking lot might look nice early in the morning, but with tire tracks and constant foot traffic, a nice-looking snowy lot will quickly turn into a terrible looking pile of slush. Snow removal services can help rid your entire lot of this unwanted snow and help improve its overall appearance.
  • Avoid auto accidents on your commercial lot — Although snowy roads are much more dangerous, a snow-covered parking lot can also result in auto accidents. When parking, customers and employees will likely lose control of their vehicles and end up crashing into other vehicles and structures. It’s best to make sure your entire parking lot is snow free.

Sidewalks and other walkable, outdoor spaces should never be afterthoughts of your overall snow and ice management plan. If you want to learn more about the benefits of working with professional snow removal services, reach out to Earth and Turf at (780) 996-2041.