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The Perfect Plants for a Winter Landscape

Winter Landscape

When thinking about “winter plants”, spruce trees, shrubs, and even the iconic poinsettia are typically what comes to mind. These plants are gorgeous and easy to care for in the winter months, some requiring no attention at all. However, there are other options that can add variety to your landscape while being strong enough to survive cold weather.

Here are a few plant varieties to consider for your winter landscape:


Perhaps the most iconic winter plant that’s not a Christmas tree or mistletoe, these red berries will provide a bright splash of color to your landscape. A noticeable Christmas decoration, the Winterberry is a deciduous holly that has bright red berries throughout the winter. It’s also a favourite food among birds that stick around Alberta for winter.


This evergreen is drought-resistant and can withstand the harshest North American winters. This plant is ideal for growing in a pot, as ground cover, or as a tree—being able to grow more than 50 feet high if allowed.


This evergreen can withstand the arctic cold of Siberia, so it will undoubtedly survive Alberta’s frigid winters. The vibrant mint green changes to a purple-brown once the cold weather arrives. A gorgeous option for any landscape!


We still had to throw in one of the most gorgeous winter evergreens. The Blue Spruce looks lovely shrouded in snow, is durable enough to withstand most climates and provides an effective screen against noise and wind.


Although the winter season is a time of hibernation and snuggling up inside, your lawn still requires basic care.

  • Keep your lawn clear of debris. A pile of leaves or a forgotten garden hose on the grass can prevent new growth.
  • Putting wire mesh around the base of younger trees keeps animals from chewing on the bark during winter.
  • Be cautious when using ice melt products. Some products can be harmful to your plant’s so make sure to research and keep them away from the base of the plant.

Whether it’s plant care, mulching, watering or seasonal decoration, Earth and Turf has the expertise you need to make your lawn and garden look their best during any season!